The industry with advanced technologies, products and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals to melt, heat treat, forge, roll, cult & weld.


What We Do

From the brilliant yellow of gold and the warm glow of copper to the cold gray of iron and steel, no matter what metal you melt, mold, forge, Heat treat or otherwise process, there’s a Heatrotherm company with the equipment, technology or services you need.

Billet Heating

Induction Heaters designed to through heat cut billets of assorted cross sections uniformly to the forging temperatures as required by application.

Long Bar & End Bar Heating

We can provide Long bar & End bar heating system that meets the ultimate demands for efficiency and high quality forging.

Heat Treatment Systems

Our Hardening and Tempering Systems for heat treating provides flexible quench and temper solutions for the production needs in various heat treating applications.

Shrink Fitting

Heatrotherm manufacturers systems to pre heat metal components between 150˚C to 300˚C, causing them to expand & allowing insertion or removal of another component.

Pipe & Tube Heating

Heatotherm offers a variety of induction heating systems for the pipe and tube industry which increases product properties through removal of residual stress associated.

Coating & Rebar Systems

Heatrotherm can design and manufacture complete range of coatingsystems for both on and offshore installations. Our energy efficient application helps to reduces overall manufacturing costs.

Brazing & Soldering

Our metallurgical, technical and product expertise assure accurate performance when customized heating and specialized heat treating applications like Brazing & Soldering, Titanium Heating requires.

Wire & Strip Heating

Heatrotherm builds total process systems for cable and wire industries, including heat treating, annealing, softening & coating systems with all reliable and cost effective induction heating technology.

Industries We Support

Nanotechnology immersion

Recycling and Processing

Automotive and Transportation

Precious Metals and Mining

Aeronautics and Aerospace

Marine and Water Transportation

Renewable Energies and Resources

Agriculture and Farming

Electrical and Electronics

Structural and Municipal

Recreation and Sports

Oil and Gas


Our Management

Our goal is to deliver innovative, cost effective, error-free products on time, every time. Heatrotherm Team is committed to providing exceptional quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. It’s a commitment we take seriously. From the plant floor to our quality lab, our technical resources allow for the highest levels of quality throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. We foster an environment that supports teamwork where employees are actively engaged in the quality process.


Corporate Headquarter

56A/4/2, Phase – 1, Road No B, GIDC, Vatva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382445
079 4037 2835


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